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300hp Aura Red Line

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Saturn Mulls 300+ hp AURA Red Line · January 17, 2005

Automotive News reports that Saturn is considering building a Red Line version of its upcoming AURA midsize car – compete with at least a 300 horsepower powerplant. "It makes sense to get there, and we're talking about proposals that could make it happen," Gene Stefanyshyn, the previous vehicle line executive for GM's Epsilon architecture told Automotive News. "The intent is to go up-level with this product," he says. "There will be two or three trim levels, and Red Line seems reasonable." However, the vehicle still needs to get GM's approval before any production plans can be made.

Saturn's General Manager, Jill Lajdziak, told Automotive News that "Red Line is an important part of the brand, and it would send the signal that you're going to get real performance," Lajdziak says. "A big jump in horsepower would send a distinct message about the brand."

The AURA is expected to be launched next summer. Saturn told Automotive News that Red Line sales "average 3 percent to 5 percent of total ION and VUE volume."

Source: Automotive News
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Jah, looks like we might need to make another forum section soon :)

The aura looks like a nice car, definately hot enough to revitalize the brand. None of this retro looks crap, just good old futurism at it's best :)

And while my dream of an l300 redline never came to fruition, the aura redline would certainly meet that criteria and appeal to all the right buyers (people who can't afford an m3/m5 or mercedes AMG but want the power/speed/niceties).
i'd take one any day of the week, the Aura is HOT, maybe they'll do an AWD for the Redline version, that WOULD sell!
Seeing as how even Ford is putting AWD on their mid-size car, Im thinking Saturn will too.
don't over estimate GM, either way it's based off the epsilon platform so AWD is possible, but i'm not aware of any current model that will offer it

it's the same platorm as the malibu, malibu maxx, and a couple opels
it'll be based off epsilon II, Epsilon II is awd capable.
Pretty nice for a sedan. If they made the Redline version of it awd, then it could compete with the new legacy (turbo/awd). Better then buying a camry or civic if you're looking for a family sedan.
I for one would like to see an ION sedan RL. Mostly because it would be cheaper on insurance.

The Aura RL would be nice to haul my kids around in when I decide to do the whole marriage and having kids thing:)

I just hope they don't overdo the restyling.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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