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A/C Fan Noise

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I notice from day one that the fan under the dash for the A/C make a weird noise. It sounds like an electrical motor whine that is very annoying. Has anybody else had this same problem?
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Mine Squeeks. I plan on bringing to to the attention of the Service Department when I go for my oil change in 600 miles.
mine only makes a funny sound on the lowest setting, it is annoying
is it a gurgling or a faint ticking or something?
In my wifes QC it sounded like a gerbil was stuck in the fan blowing a wistle.
Just took the wifes 03 Ion in for the same problem. Big job, they had to order part's.
My 04 does it to, only when the fan speed is at 1. It's not bothing me yet, but when it does, I will bring it in. LOL on the gerbil!
my moms Grand Prix was making noise when the airconditioner was on and it was leaves stuck inside the fan....maybe something else to check out
I haven't even had the chance to turn the AC on yet, can't wait for the damn cold weather to go away :mad:
The noise comes from the fan, under the dash.
I get that noise too. but it started only on low setting and now I can here it on all sometimes.
I get a little noise, I think it's normal. Dunno, dosen't sound like anything 'wrong' just sounds like a loud blower to me, but if Barry says it was a big job, maybe I need to make sure that its just a loud blower. Mine isn't that loud mind you, just a little louder than what I'm used to.

Ok got the scoop back, Tech said the fan was rubbing the gasket that seperated the two halves of the case. SOof course they ordered a whole new assembly, and it is backordered so I probibally will get it late this year, oh well I guess I just have to turn the Music up.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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