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Hi Im Michael and I have a lot of extra parts for sale, You can make me an offer for everything or separate parts.

1X Eaton m62 supercharger with 71 000km on it. Works very good, no noise, make good boost , new oil. There is the stock pulley on it! ( possibility to get it polished for extra $ ) 325 $

3X supercharger pulley, 20 $ each or 50 for all
-1X oem
-1X 76.0mm
-1X 77.9mm

8X 32# injectors ( stock injector from Cobalt and Ion supercharge ) 20 $ each or 140 for all 8 !

1X Injector harness 15 $

1X Intake manifold ( ready to get a dual pass end plate ! ) 100$ SOLD

1X Alternator 75$ SOLD

1X OEM supercharger Belt 15$

1X OEM belt tensioner 30$ sold

1X fidanza flywheel ( good condition , way lighter then the OEM ) 225$

2X Cobalt PCM ,
1 with Gm stage 3 250$
1 with Aftermarket stage 3 ( very good tune made with HPT, tested over 80 cars! Pcm isnt locked) 300$

1X bully stage 5 clutch and pressure plate ( good condition! a lot of life left ( about 20 % of wear ) ) 300$

Feel free to make an offer for everything.

I,m from Canada near Toronto , L4M5G7. Shipping will be paid by the buyer. I can deliver around town for Extra gas money.

Everything is in good condition , if you wish to have a closer look at some parts just let me know.

Payment will be made through paypal. Contact me in private to get my adress.

The last picture is one from my engine bay, Its to show you the polishing I made on my supercharger. For extra money I can do the same to the supercharger I am selling.

Thank you



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