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A Newbie has arrived!!!!

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Hi there, I just joined the site and haven't read through any of the posting yet. But I will shortly. I just wanted to say hi and give you a little background about myself.

I don't currently own a Saturn but I did own a red 1998 SC2 for a few years. But I do have a long history with Saturn. You see, I worked for Saturn engineering from 1986 (yes, 1986!) untill 2001. I was a chassis designer and worked on suspension, exhaust, and brakes on the original S-series, the GMT315 (VUE), and the Delta (ION).

Nowadays I work on full-size trucks (Silverado, Sierra, Yukon, Escalade, etc) at the GM Tech Center. But I still have an interest in Saturn and other small sporty cars. I wouldn't mind owning a VUE Redline or an ION Redline someday, but for now I keep busy with my "other" plastic car! The car I like to think was in fact the predicessor to the original Saturn...........the Pontiac Fiero.

Think about it, both the Fiero and Saturn had a driveable spaceframe with plastic body panels. All Saturn did was move the engine to the front and added rear seats :D

Anyway, I'm going to go check out some threads now and see what kind of good stuff I can find.

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You'll soon notice one thing from reading a lot of the threads.


Too bad this is the last year for the plastic panels.. I'm so depressed... what a crock... I love my tupperware-mobile.

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