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A question about exhaust noise...

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I don't know how many times this happened during the 15 hours of driving to FL because most of the time I had CDs in and the vol cranked up. In Ga, after making most of the trip at 80 MPH in cruise, I got stuck in heavy traffic and construction dropping me down to 60 or so and doing a lot of accelerating and decelerating. I had the radio on and thought I heard something strange and killed the music. This is when I heard what sounded like a Honda "fart can" muffler sound everytime I pushed down or let up on the gas. It was very loud and "Ricey". This went on for 60 or so miles, then all of a sudden it went back to the normal quiet exhaust tone of the stock Redline.

Any ideas of what could have made the exhaust tone loud and Ricey, then go away? I made the rest of the 150 mile trip and the exhaust noise never returned. This is weird.
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miles on the car?
just normal emmision system break in. Once all the normal coatings and crap are burnt off it will change it sound to bascily what you are hearing.
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