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Ok, I’ve spent a ton of time reading all the previous threads regarding the oil in the supercharger.
Since I have 150,000 miles on mine I decided to change the coupler and put in new oil.
I kept the unit on the engine for this.
I pulled out all the oil I could -about 70ml.
Removed the snout. And when I did there was hardly any oil remaining inside. Changed the coupler, installed the snout and added the same amount of oil in the unit.
Now- I was reading that the SC actually holds 3.4 oz
Now where did all the other oil go ? Did it seep out of the snout seal over time ?
was it under filled to begin with ?
what are your thoughts, leave it alone or add more oil ?

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2007 IRL, magnaflow catback, coilovers, carbon wing, alum splitter, zzp 2.5" header&dp, ZZP Stage 3
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I took my supercharger off to replace the oil and coupler, and I just poured in a whole single bottle of gm supercharger oil (4 oz I believe) from zzp and used zzp's upgraded coupler.
Also used a thin layer of black rtv to reseal.
Everything has worked just fine for the ~9500 miles I've driven since then, and that's with a 2.8" pulley.
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