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Aftermkt speakers/sub anyone?

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I have a RL and unfortunatly I didn't get the "upgraded advance Audio" in it. I'm looking to upgrade my sound. Nothing CrAzy just some extra bass. I know nothing about it really, never had a nice car I can hook up that I want to hook up. So heres my chance. I want a sub for my trunk, nothing too big to take up the whole trunk, I need it for storage. I was looking @ bazooka Tubes? Good investment, if I just want some extra bass w/o spending a fortune for installation/parts? I dont want everyone to hear me ya know.

Any suggestions would be helpful. dont know If I should go with a tube, amp built right in ya know, or get a box/12" sub and an amp? HELP I dont want to spend over $200
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if u dont want to spend a lot the go the tub with the amp built in if u had more that u were going to speend u can do like i am going to do and get a kicker L5 12 inch(399 with box) and a kicker 1000 wat amp around 899 bucks i am doing this since i am going to show my car more than race it but if u want to race and not show try to find some good 10 inch subs and a amp
i dont know if u can spend more than 200 but best buy has keenwood buy 1 get one free right now so u can get two 12 for 129.98 and then a box 89.99 and then a amp the cheapest one they have is 129.99 so u will be more than 200 but it should sound good if u need more help u cna get ahold of me on aim at supranost or u can email me at [email protected] PS i am going to end up putting around 4 grand in to my sound system
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Probably a sub w/ built in amp would be easiest.

Not sure on the install for the non "advanced" systems though. With the advanced system you have the factory amp in the trunk so you could tap into the remote wire from there. You can take the signal off the rear speakers but you'll have to run the remote wire to the inside of the car.
Those Bazooka tubes, I have always thought, sound horrible. They seem like they are making "fake" bass. You can get a good 10" sub with a box for less than $200, then pick up a used decent amp on Ebay. I think that is a better choice.
ill sell u my kenwood system for 350 + shipping ;)

I have kenwood amp and subs

amp is a Kenwood KAC-7202 (230 watts x 2 at 2 ohms)

subs are 2 12" Kenwood KFC-W3009's (800 watts RMS "both" 1600 watts peak

in a sealed Q logic box it bangs out but they are siting in my room taking up space due to the fact i got Jl audio w8's and 2 500 watt jl audio amps now ;)

the bass is quality but is heart pounding if you tune it right! even sounds good on stock radio (had it like that for 2 months) before buying a kenwood headunit! the gtech built in ;)

go to any audio site and read the reviews on these subs they are best subs for the money and pound any note you want!!!!!!!!! bass out laws included!

l8r chris
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here it is

this is what I got cost me about 450. 143db in car

3 inifinty kappa perfect 10.1d's in the triple bandpass box.
1 sony 1400 watt 1 ohm amp with remote bass control class d.

might be a bit much for you but its an idea.


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Infinty also make two 10" enclosed amplified models. One is the Basslink and the other is the Basslink T. I had the Basslink and it was perfect for me. It's not trophy winning competition bass but is more than enough to bump the system up for personal enjoyment. Oh and they're 200W. When it comes time to do the sound system I'll probably get another one for the Ion.

Here's the site.
just get a decent 1 10" woofer like rockford or jl etc... get like a good 3-400 watts like good brand name amp again rockford, jl etc... and yes i said one 10". after you get it pm me ill design a box for you. you can build it or have any local shop do it but if they build it to my specs you should be good for over 145-150 db with the 1 sub i own a car audio shop and do this all the time 145 is easy toget from 1 10 if the box is built to the right specs and built solid
z factor can u make custom setup for redline trunk? 2 amps and 2 12" subs i dont even car if it is fiberglass just a clean look with matching carpet! i hate having space on sides of my box i wanna make it look like the box is formed to trunk!
im working on one now for my own redline i should be done in a bout a week or so , i don tget a whole lot of time to work on my own car, but once it is done i can recreate it pretty easy. i send you some pics as i work on it. its gonna be real clean
that would work alright nothing super crazy loud there but will add some bass do not put 900 watts on it as stated you WILL blow it up. 300 or so should be good on that one and make sure its a good amp not a ma audio, or pyramid like those
z factor depends on WHO's 900 watt amp, some manufacturers are RMS, some are MAX, some's RMS *IS* their rated max (JBL is veyr very close...)
If you slapped a kicker "900 watt" amp on it *would* explode yeah. If its a "cheap" amp, 900 watt amp would be fine because that would be "max" (and hte real max would be lower, the RMS would be pathetic.)
yes i understand that but as i stated also was to get a good amplifier these are almost always rated at rms power. if you dont know by now i am a master certified mecp installer ny the way ;) and i own two large stereo shops in my area!!! so yea i understand this. like i said not to buy ma audio or pyramid and others for this exact reason
wher u located at? anywhere near CT or TN?
I got..

Alpine 400 Watt 4 Channel
JLW3 12"

Thats all the bass I need.
sorry in fl.
I stopped at a local Tweeter store and I found a JL Audio 12W08 12" W0 Series Subwoofer with 8 OHM Voice Coil - enclosed in a custom made box for $299.00 which will fit perfectly in one of the indents in the trunk. And a JL Audio JL2501 250 Watt Mono Amplifier 250 watts x 1 channel amp for 399.00. I talked to the kid who helped me he was really cool. He came out to my RL and he was like this is a Stock Saturn?!?! I'm like ya. I told him I want some nice bass and nothing to take up my entire trunk. I think I'm going to get that setup. He also mentiond this weekend there having a nice sale so I can prob get it cheaper.
make sure you get a dual 8 ohm coil sub to equal 4 ohms or a single 4 ohm one.
they have some decent JLs that will fit on both sides but dont. Any one with some knowledge of audio will tell you not to do that. Never ever face a driver to another driver itll cancel them out.
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