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Age Of Redline Owner's

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How about a survey of our ages and mods to your R.L.'s ? I think we will be surprised.
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Robbie 21 yrs old, black redline.


Black Mesh Grill
Supercharged Badges
Sylvania Silverstar Headlights
Airbox Removal and K&N filter


Xm Satellite Radio
Side Curtain Airbags
Larger Spoiler
Pwr Sunroof.

......hope this is what you were lookin for, haha
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I am 56 and still a kid at heart.
I'm 24 and I have a Silver redline.

Removed the airbox
Autometer ultra light boost gauge
Glasspack muffler soon to be changed because its a little to loud sounds like a sport bike when I am getting on it.
Silvania silverstar headlights
20% tint on all windows
Im 18 and i have a black redline. And love it! :D

3 inch exhaust with a 3inch magnaflow muffler
silver mesh grill
black saturn emblems
supercharged emblems
Sprint 1.5 inch lowering springs
Dark black window tint all around

Mods soon to come:
Header from SCDYNE

Waiting for install:
My system:
Power acoustik 1800 watt amp with one power acoutstik MOFO 12
7 Color led undercar neon kit

Premium Sound

Hope this helps. ;)
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43 going on 21.
Electric Blue
White pin stripe
Airbox removal
Large wing
All the options except XM
Waiting on headers from ScDyne
19, paid for myself.
2004 Silver Redline
6-CD changer
Advanced Audio
Waiting for an intake to come out
19, going on 20 ( jan 21st )
Paid for myself

Silver Red Line
Autometer Boost Gauge
Modified Stock Intake
SCDyne Header (when I get it)

datz it!
I'm 16 I have a 2004 Black Red Line. I have no mods waiting for the Vita Technologies Short Ram/Cold Air Intake.
19 paid for myself

Autometer Phantom Boost Gauge
Autometer Phantom Air/Fuel Gauge
Both Pillar mounted
Redline Window Decal on rear windows
Redline Decal infront of rear wheels on body kit
I'm 24 and I don't have a Redline. The woman has a blue one, and she's 23. :)
24 black redline stock for now
28 years old here

2004 Blue RL and stock as well (waiting for spring for mods, I haven't got my garage heater in yet :( )
I'm 19, i have a silver Redline.
im 18 with a silver rl
I'm 45 years old
04 Redline in blue
Tint on 1/4 windows
Mesh grille up front
Redline decal on rear window
Racing Floor mats,Steering wheel cover

Pirelli P Zero Neros
Supercharged emblems
57 here in Western Pa. Age doesn't really matter. It's only a number. What really matters is your state of mind and if you're young at heart. Myself I still feel like 25, and plan on staying that way.

im 18 paid for my car myself but i dont have a redline yet. im hopeing that will be added to the short list of cars i have owned soon.
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