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This is much needed topic explained - thanks

When I got my IRL in 2014 I noticed sometimes that when it rained, there was an "electronic" or "electrical" error.

I also experienced: the alarm goes off and the key fob does not communicate with the "system"

So you cannot lock the doors and the alarm is unable to be set. This is very annoying especially if you have the car parked in front of your home and it rains then the alarm will wake everyone (neighbors) up in the middle of the night. You then have to get up and go out to the car and locked the doors manually - that is using the lever/button on the door of each side. And you can not use the key fob to set the alarm or lock the doors until it dries. I found that the wires and components need to dry for a few hours and then it goes back to normal. This is a great way to make friends with the neighbors when you let the car alarm stay on all night. A little tip if anyone is experiencing this. Yes the lights will stay on even if you lock the doors manually. There is an automatic light shut off which is made to protect the battery from discharging. So in about 20 minutes all the lights will shut off.

Any way the good news is that if the components are not damaged then you can find a way to keep the sunroof drains and sunroof side spaces unclogged. The design is to have certain amount of water to be allowed and flow at the same time. This is not an "absolute" fix because the area of space along the sunroof can only hold a maximum amount of water. Like a pool in the backyard - if it rains too much it could overflow.

It is possible to have leaves and other items in the spaces along the sunroof and also clogged drains. I actually did not know how to fix the problem until 2019 when I read up on it online - a lot from other vehicles.

So for 5 years I had to deal with this issue. But after studying the drain system, you can go to the front wheel well and open the plastic piece on the rear side of the wheel well. There is a tube there which is the end of the drain. What is interesting is that the end has a nipple or rubber end piece that must have been designed so that the water flows out and prevents water from going back in. Nice design but very bad because debris such as leaves can go down the sunroof openings and end up in the nipple. So how can you clean that out - impossible. The answer is that you have to cut the nipple off and this will release the debris at the ends of the tubes.

Every rain storm I had water in my car - for 5 years Three years I have only gotten water one time because there was a flood down pour ( which flooded the streets with a foot of water) and the capacity of the sunroof drain system was exceeded.
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