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So the other day my mom wants to go look at new cars and drags me along for an opinion on things, so after dragging her away from the gm dealer and getting her to look at some other stuff i ended up at a saturn dealership, as a pulled into the lot there was a beautiful clean blue ion redline sitting there, the rotors have that i havent been drove in over a month look to them so i'm figuring they wont let it go out for a test drive so i walk aroudn the car take in all that it has to offer noticing the recaros and the very well put together body kit from the factory, form and function, looks good but doesnt look ricey, the rims are nice and dunlop rubber is impressive as a factory fitment, so my mom finds a sales consultant and he shows her some cars and i'm walking around bored so i walked up to him and asked if i could test the redline, he kinda made a face like if you werent the 300,000 person to ask me that i wouldnt mind this job, but he said sure i was amazed at how easy it was to score a drive in this car, so i opened the door and popped the hood and just sat there taking it all in, the supercharger just seems to beg for some elbow grease to polish it up nicely and everything else seems nicely laid out, so the salesman grabs the hood about the time i go to close it assuming i'm going to be like every other car loveing teen and slam it but nope he was almost shocked as i set it back down and pushed it closed.

so i hop in the car and the seat reaches out and grabs ahold of me, first clue this will be somethign different completely, so now i'm in and a quick check to get used to the controls, gas, brake, and...clutch? now i've drove alot of 5 speeds but this car has the oddest feeling clutch, it seems like it barely moves at all and has near zero effort to depress, but oh well off we go as i pull out i can feel the car has more power than i'm used to in my cavalier, so i step on it hard to see how it pulls i was shocked at how bland it really felt not inspiring in the least bit then i noticed the air was on high, quick push of the button and it got better since i was trying to get the car to pull from 1500 or so it wasnt that much of a push back as i would of hoped for but i dealt with traffic for a few mins and found a nice side road where there were no cars and held the gas to the carpet to see what this thing can really do.

Well first gear was feeling good now then 3000 passed and the car started to pull, and pull good at that the seats tightened their grip as a handful of second gear rewarded me with a nice chirp of the tires and more of the seats wonderful grip, as i was so excited with the feel of the car and the transmission i failed to notice that in 2nd i had just passed 60 mph and the car was still climbing towards redline, so 3rd and the brakes where in order, a few nice turns and i could see a true difference in this cars handleing, nice flat corners positive feeling steering, and a nice connected feeling to the car, so back down this nice road bang the gears again and big smiles all around, i was sad to pull back into the lot with this car i can feel room for lots of improvment and saturn has deffinatly earned my respect for stepping up in a nice way for the tuner crowd

and you guys have to remember this car is the first step of things to come, all of these cars, the neons, the redlines, and chevys cobalt when it comes out are proving grounds for bigger and better things, dealer backed performance is coming back in a big way and we are all in a great place, sitting on the doorway as these new toys roll in.

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