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any one know anything about the borla universal

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alright here the thing instead of ordering a nice magnaflo or borla muffler i couldn't wait so i went to a local shop to see what they had which was ractive mufflers. I asked the guy specificaly if it was going to be load becuase i didn't want it to be obnoxiously loud and he said it won't be. They put it on and i drive home and it is really loud so now i'm gonna do what i should have done in the first place and get a good muffler. I know magnaflo's are good and not that laud but i was looking at borla's universals and the have there turbo mufflers that but they don't give much information about it i emailed them and got a generic response back. so if anyone has any info on if this would be better than the magnoflos or anything it would be greatly appreated
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I had a Dynomax Super Turbo on my Dodge Omni GLH, sounded pretty damn nice if i have to say so myself. Not too loud and not too ricey.
I have dual magnaflows and they are pretty loud. Actually very very loud. They are the straight through type no chamers just a fancy glass pack. but without the resonators its Loud and super ricey pops a lot
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