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Anybody out there from the Kansas City, MO area

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Hey just wondering if anybody is out there from the K.C. MO area.
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I live by gladstone. Where at in kansas city do you live?
I live down in belton but I bought my RL at tiffany springs. Do you go out to the street races at all?
No I don't go to the street races but I am thinking of going to drag strip in a couple of week to see what my car can run. I also bought mine at tiffany springs.
i live in smithville. if you want to meet up or whatever tomorrow (sat. june 4th), shoot me a PM, email me, or hit up my cell (816) 803-4294.

im sure me and some of the other car guys from that area will be doing something. feel free to join in. :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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