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Anyone Creak?

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:cool: I know this is going to sound picky but anyone had regular creaks coming from the rear driver's side door? I got my Redline back in Oct. and since day one it has had this problem. I have had into the dealer 5 times and they still can't figure out the problem (4 times couldn't recreate, one the 5th they could). The replaced a retainer in the rear door trim, but the problem is still there. The noise is driving me crazy!!! Please help. I am at your mercy.

Fantastic car though. More fun than my WRX.
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I've had mine in for that problem too... along with my broken motor mount ;) The tech said that he could not re-create the noise either... althought I told him that it was probably comming from the back seat.
Yeah, they thought it initially was the driver seat so they replaced the mount for it. However, on my way home from the dealer, it starting creaking again.

It's definitely the door. I had the tech in the back of the car and when he'd pull on the handle he could get it to creak "manually". They said that they stand behind their cars and will do what it takes to fix it, but I'm hoping it doesn't take another 5 go rounds.
mine creaks also, back drivers door.
Anyone had any success getting it fixed or finding out what the problem is? It is driving me insane!!!
LJandBucket said:
Anyone had any success getting it fixed or finding out what the problem is? It is driving me insane!!!
Noises are a pain but it is something that may never get fixed.I have a whine
at 60 mph and I just ignore it.The best thing that you could do is find it your self and try to remedy it yourself or show the tech exactly where it is coming from.You drive your car everyday so it should be easier for you to find it or put someone in the back seat to listen.The hardest part is to pinpoint the exact location of a noise.
I hear a loud squeaking sound all the time, but I don't know if it's the rear driver's side door or not. It's hard to determine where it's coming from. Sometimes it sounds like it's coming from the rear and sometimes it sounds like it's coming from the front.
Yeah, I have had a squeak as well. It seems to go away when I fold down the back seats and then pop them back up. It is then gone for days but then reappears. Wonder if it is the way the seats hits the clips.
yeah ive had the same creak but i found out that mine is coming from the rear drivers side seat. I put a small towel under the seat to push up on the seat a little and now there is no creak. I think what it was was that that there was metal to metal contact on the bottom of the seat. Try having some one ride in the back seat on the drivers side, I bet the noise goes away.
jbaty said:
It is the rubing of the seat clips.
I've seen a reference to just that in one of the GM TSBs listed by AllData (I think)... the fix, as I recall involved wrapping some electrician's tape around the clip. It is the back seats that generate the noise. I'll post back from work if I can confirm this.
Cool, I try that to fix the "squeak". Now this damn "creak"......

I had a tech ride in the back seat and he heard it coming from the driver's rear door. They replaced a retainer clip on one of the trim pieces thinking that was the culprit but now it's as bad as it has ever been. I am just hoping it's not something structural, like the door shifting or body flex upon launch.
Creak Fix Bulletin

If you have a creak coming from your rear driver side door, go to your dealer and reference bulletin # 1866-599-4227. It ends up that they order some noise reduction tape from GM, but it fixes the problem. Had mine back a week and no creak. Welcome back sanity!!
There are a few areas that rattle and creak on my car. The Hinge for the rear-seat pass through was one, the dealer duct taped that (not sure if I like that as a fix though). Also it appears the rear-seat belt maybe rubs against something. Around the rear door windows I also hear a bad creaking noise. My A/C also makes a weird flipping noise when its on. Dealer said they need the car for a whole day to diagnose it though......
LJandBucket said:
If you have a creak coming from your rear driver side door, go to your dealer and reference bulletin # 1866-599-4227....
That would be funny if someone goes and does that, then the tech goes to the phone and starts dialing.
If it doesn't squeak, creak, or rattle, then it's not a Saturn. Ask any S-Series owner. I have a nice loud exhaust to drown out all the Saturn-ness and I have a Ska mix in my cd player if I've got passengers that don't like the sound of an awesome exhaust.
jbaty said:
It is the rubing of the seat clips.
Do0D is this you?
You have teh small penor.
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Please get rid of that d/a and his lame post.
OMFG........ i cant even BEGIN on my "creaks" mind you i do alot of rockclimbing... which meens takign the satty up a lot of dusty rocky roads.... but man.... like its gotten to the point where i HAVE to have my stereo decently loud to keep SANE in my car :( im gonna take mine in this week..... mine is coming from both sides.
Really? Ever drive a brand new Corvette? It sounds like a 10 year old Southwestern airline jet inside. Creaks like a m0f0.
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