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Anyone Here?

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I hear crickets in here. Are there any Redline Vue Owners on this site?


Redline ION and Redline VUE Owners, Check out the Redline Owners Association at: and

Also check out

If you can't find the info you seek here, look elsewhere.

FYI: these links are referal credit free!!!! I take no credit for referring them, just thought you'd like to know about them.
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Thanks for the websites, fotovue.

My wife and I just picked up a 2004 Vue redline on Wednesday. So far it's been a car find. Have you had your RL VUE for a while now? Any insight into performance uprades? :)
I'm here! :p

But then, you knew that already.
Just picked up an 04 with 6000 miles. So far its a sharp car.

what are the 0-60, 1/8th mile, 1/4 mile times for the VUE redline? and is it stick or auto (sport shit?) or can u choose.
0-60 is 6.5-ish seconds, not sure about 1/4 mi, haven't taken it to the track yet. It's only available as an automatic tranny though. :(
0-60 is supposed to be 7sec and the quarter in 15.4. Thats what i read in the mag. of course.
Mags always under-rate things. The RL ION is rated at 205 bhp, but has dyno'ed at 210 whp, for example. The 6.5 is a real-life 0-60 time.
violakat03 said:
Mags always under-rate things. The RL ION is rated at 205 bhp, but has dyno'ed at 210 whp, for example. The 6.5 is a real-life 0-60 time.
True about the ion, but unfortuantly we are N/a, and our awd platform can suck the life out of our engine. As soon as the track opens up well see how well the vue runs. Im hoping to get a least a 9.8 in the eight.
I don't have a Vue Redline I have the RL but my wife has an 04 VUE V6 FWD and that thing is fast, there is no doubt in my mind that that car can do 0-60mph in 6.5 sec or less I think it helps there is no AWD drivetrain loss and the fact that according to the saturn brochure the car weights in at about 3450lbs.
On the 3.5's be sure to open the airbox for a second and run it thru some gears to hear Vtec, Its awesome sounding.
I slapped a conicle filter on it one time and it was cool for a while. I took it off because i found myself always flooring it all the time.
Well, I can see that this is a Ion heavy forum. :) Need some more Vue people over here!
Any performance upgrades on the vue redline? We have a 04 vue redline and a 05 ion redline.
Not yet, only if you count removing the "bong" and a K&N filter! I am planing on the thermal exhaust and the K&N intake in the near furture. Kinda sucks that the Redline Vue is no faster then a Regular Vue, And that 100 mph Governer is just riddiculus! (not that I often even go 100 just would like to know I could go faster if I wanted too!)
We have a 04 silver vue also. I am sure honda makes a turbo for that motor but the women won't let me do anything to it. Can't wait until the aftermarket opens up for the iion redline. I wish she would trade me cars....
Well, blowers and Turbos will have to wait untill my Warranty is expired! :)
Nothing will happen to your engine, its a Honda after all.
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