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Anyone interested in a grounding kit??

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How is everyone doing? I was just curious, is anyone interested in purchasing a grounding kit made specifically for our car. I plan to use 8 gauge 665 strand oxygen free, fine-stranded copper wire and 24k gold plated ring terminals. Upon my arrival back home, I plan to go over my car with a fine tooth comb and make sure all measurements are exact, and necessary. My concern with our vehicle is the location of the battery. Although being located in the trunk has numerous advantages, I have not been able to inspect the efficiency of the stock system (typically we can see anywhere from 16-20 gauge wire). Needless to say there will be some room for improvement. I am planning a chassis-block, block-negative terminal, negative terminal-chassis and various other stock replacements. The cost for these kits will depend on the price of the materials. I will also update on color matched kits but as of right now I can get clear coated: black, red, silver, blue, gold, and green. If this might be something you would be interested let me know, if not then I will just build it for myself and keep the dimensions for further distribution. Thanks in advance.
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I'm In too just let us know when
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