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Anyone near Elyria, Ohio?

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I know a guy who works for Switzer Performance and they are trying to get a Red Line so they can develope some stuff. Anyone who can help check out their site.
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I'm 436 miles away, but I'd roll up on a Friday and come back on Sunday, maybe a couple of times, if there's performance goodies in it for me...

I could REALLY use a couple of three day weekends - the lawfirm I consult for doesn't do vacation time (1099 contractor status).
I'm about 2 hours away. I would be willing to go down there for a couple of days if it would help get us an aftermarket.
dan4507 said:
I Live 2 Min. From Elyria.
looks like youre the man for the job.

I Called Them It Turns Out My Friend Works There Im Going In Sat. For Them To Check It Out. I Used To Deliver Parts There Last Summer When They Were Twistec. They Had Some Sweet Cars There.
Dan, you are the man.
Blu_Redline said:
Well, I live in Elyria, and Avon Lake is 20 min away for the record. Word of caution though, if anyone from Twistec is involved, it could be bad news. The reason Twistec is no more is bacause they were rip off artists. There have been numerous posts on different forums of the horror stories. There was one guy in Miami that had to come up here and get the courts involved to get his car back. And when he did, it did not run and the parts that were on his car when he dropped it off were not there when he picked it up. Again, be very wary of this business.
All I know is I am friends with the guy who has the ION Sedan up there and he is the one who asked me to post this.
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