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Are interior wipes safe??

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I know that in the owner's manual it says interior wipes "may" harm the finish on the dash, I'm wondering if anyone has tried them and if they didn't damage it or not.
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the reason they say that is the dash and radio bezel are painted and those products can cause the paint to come loose. but i still use some it looks really bad if you dont use something.
Sp00ner said:
There used to be alot of rumors that Armor-All would dry and crack your dash if you kept using it. I've never had a problem, Oh, and I've used the Meguir's too, and the Armor-all works alot better, lasts alot longer mainly, looks about the same to me.
ya and ive seen the radio bezels peel even when no dressing was used, so what the heck.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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