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Hi. New here. Like to see people on their toes! LOL!

So anyway, question for you guys. How do you like your Redlines?

I'm going to buy a 2nd vehicle very soon and am seriously considering a Saturn ION Redline, Chevy Cobalt SS, Pontiac G6 GT, or C6 Corvette. (Just kidding about the C6 - can't afford one.)

I've driven the G6 and really liked it. Nice ride, decent fit and finish, decent power. Seemed to be an all around good daily driver vehicle. I'm very familiar with Pontiacs (owned 6 of them in the past 4 years) but I'm not really up on Saturns to be quite honest.

Figured you guys could fill me in on what ya'll think are the good and bad qualities/points of your cars. I haven't test driven and ION Redline yet. I plan on going to check them out this weekend up close. So far I've really liked what I've seen online though.

I know you guys probably love your cars and don't wanna say anything bad about them but go ahead and shoot it straight with me.

So what do you love about your car? What kinds of problems/quirks do they have, etc? And almost equally import, how is the performance aftermarket for these cars?

Thanks for the help guys!
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