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Audi TT and my RL VUE.

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Well, I have no idea why a guy in a roadster would want to race a chick in an SUV, but he started it! I was at a redlight today messing around with my radio when a black Audi TT pulls up, I look over and he is staring hard at me, and startes revving his engine. OK. so I drop it into I, (not sure what "I" does but it seemed to be a good idea :) ) Well, we take off. Stayed a little ahead through 50 then I pulled away from him and kept ahead by at least a car lenght. at 80 I backed off,over 100 my VUE is useless anyway damn govener!! and besides my street was coming up) and he flew by me. And that was that. I am pretty certain this was not the 250 hp V-6 version as he he would have had me by weight alone. but, probably the 180 hp 1.8 turbo. anyway I know he was pissed that a chick in a SATURN showed him up..
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Good kill!!!

A couple of months ago I beat an Audi TT in my ION RL. The guys was so pissed that he wouldn't even look over at me at the next light. :D

I wish I could have told him how much I paid for MY car and the fact that it was stock except for exhaust. ;) :p
You know, I was just looking at the Audi's specs those little TT's are HEAVY the 4cly only weights 292 lbs less then My Vue the V-6 only weighs 94 lbs less! Wow, I figured they would have weighed a LOT less.
I am going to wash it up and take some good ones this weekend with my digital camera, I only have a few I took on my phone and the quality is not very good.
Yeah, there's 3 models.

TT Quatro
and TT Quatro 3.2

The first two are easy kills if they are stock. The 3.2 is a little tougher but I think we can still take them due to the weight difference.

I think I raced the Quatro and took him pretty easily.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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