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Barbie Vette vs New GT vs Me

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I was traveling south on 41 just after 54. So all you localers know where I was playin tonight. I pulled up to a light were a convertible vette with a mid 40s guy in there taunting a younger mid 30s guy in a new 05 Mustang gt. They were there before I got there. I pulled into the 3rd lane and neither even batted an eye at me. Light turns green the Vette lurches forward and the stang starts to spin some tires. I drop at 3000 and off we go. Right off the line I have the stang and vette is in killing distance. He shifts I can tell by the front end dive and comes back up I follow quickly my engine screaming along the Mustang has a bad loss already. I catch the vette side by side the ol timer is staring at my fender where it says Supercharged and looks back ahead. By 4th Im in front doing over 100 and he lets off I can tell because my lead becomes real big real fast. I catch the next light of course the one where 41 splits and both surround me. The guy in the GT wont look over and the guy in the Vette is yelling about how bad this lil car is. And he cant belive he got taken by a kid in a Saturn. We chat light turns green and hte GT spins some tire I jump once again. i get a small lead becuase the mustang driver has no Idea how to drive a stick. The vette is screaming along and in the rear view Bright Blue Lights are flashin all about. We all pull over into a parking lot and the Trooper does his thing of course the other guys first and me last. So as you sit in the car for 20 mins sweating becuase when your racing/ over 100mph/ and a compact lowered car with green neons your a slight target. Well the trooper walks up and son of a bitch its my next door neighbor. He doesnt even ask for my stuff once he sees me and we begin to chat. I get out and the other guys look at me and slowly creap off into the night. They both got warnings becuase of no priors and their age. If I were not me he would have given me racing/excessive speed/ and careless because he could. He was behind us at the first light he just wanted to see the outcome of this new age of saturn. got lucky myself I sweat off about 6lbs sitting in the car. Im glad I know him in fact he has worked on my cars with me for years. Fun kills over bad drivers. The fact that I beat 2 muscle cars in front of a cop who can vouche for the story PRICELESS.
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You are one lucky shit! ;)
man bad drivers make muscle cars look like shit. U didnt say what year vette it was but any vette 92 or newer should def beat a RL as well as an 05 GT. But i guess if u cant drive then it doesnt matter..U got lucky with that copper!
The stang just kept spinning the tires he wasnt real good on the clutch ya know. And the vette I have no idea what year. Its the barbie one convertible looked all stock but he wasnt able to keep the lead I crawled up and crawled bye. The cop Ive known him for years and I was lucky he was there.
What a great story....I mean it! :D

Send it in to Reader Digest.
goofyguy said:
And the vette I have no idea what year. Its the barbie one convertible looked all stock but he wasnt able to keep the lead I crawled up and crawled bye. The

barbie one??


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c4 barbie vet. My bad I wasnt aware there were more over the years. I just remeber melting My sisters with power of the Sun hehe. man i use to burn stuff a lot when I was young. Ahh memories.

Readers Digest?
If it was an 84-91 c4 then it would be pretty damn close but not wasting one. My gf's dad has an 88 Vette. 245 horses, 345 lbs of torque. Stock they are supposed to run 14.6. Pretty close to the Rl. My ex friend had a 92 vette with the LT1 which i think was the first year for the c4 to have that engin. 300 horse, 330 lbs of torque. they run 14 flat.
I was able to catch and gain over the vette slowly but still. Just because it came with 245hp does not mean it still does. Always a sceptic arent ya. Doesnt matter as long as I was there its all that matters.
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