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My name is Doug Holloway of BilletFlow, we have been making S/C pulleys for 03-04 SVT Cobras and Lightnings for several years. Once the new guys, but now BilletFlow is the leader in quality and craftsmanship in the aftermarket world.

We offer common and special features that some others have never even heard of.

For example:
  • Proper V-groove geometry (for proper belt fit)
  • Ultra Grip style grooves (for less slip)
  • Sand Blasted Contact Surface (for less slip)
  • Anodized for Corrosion Protection
  • Engraved (for GREAT LOOKS)
  • Hub made from 4150 prehardened Steel (not cheap mild steel)
  • Pulley ring made from 6061-T6 Billet Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel hardware
And a Lifetime Warranty!

We even offer more choices than anyone else so that you can customize your ride.
What we are offering are 3 sizes and 6 colors for a choice of 18 different pulleys compared to just 3 or 4 from other manufacturers.

  • 3.150" (Available now)
  • 2.900" (Available early January)
  • 2.700" (Available early January)

  • Ultra Silver Metallic (Clear)
  • Ebony (Black)
  • Victory Red (Red)
  • Laser Blue Metallic (Blue)
  • Sunburst Orange Metallic (Orange) *coming soon*
  • Rally Yellow (Yellow) *coming soon*

Prices are as follows:

$119.95 for any color, any one size Interchangeable Non-slip Supercharger Pulley.

$159.95 for any color, any two sizes, Interchangeable Non-slip Supercharger Pulleys. (ie: 2.700" and 3.150")

We here at BilletFlow strive for excellence in both the products we sell and the customer service we provide. We have enjoyed serving the Cobra community for several years and we hope to serve these new communities of the Cobalt SS and Saturn Ion Redline for many more years to come as well.

As a special introductory offer, BilletFlow would like to enter this market with an unheard of promotion.

We will be GIVING AWAY, FREE of charge and FREE SHIPPING, 10 pulley kits.

The first 10 people to E-mail me at [email protected] will get a free pulley.

You MUST include in this email:
  • NAME
  • PH#
  • MESSAGE BOARD (name of this message board)
Any emails with incorrect or missing info will be rejected.

Happy Holidays! :)

And the winners are:
  • Jekyl
  • max_boost
  • AlphaJaguar5
  • Blue04RedLine
  • hutnek
  • 05redline
  • my_bd
  • AntiSatan
  • 1stbluss
  • R33P3R007

Click on pic's to enlarge

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Those are some great looking pullies, especially the silver ones.

I sent an email, hopefully I'm one of the first 10. If not I'll probably be purchasing one of your pulleys when this spring.

What are the chances of you guys making a pulley ring in the stock size. I'd like to be able to go back to stock for the winter.

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if you can tell ........... how far down the line was i?

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lol and sorry i didnt read that last post i emailed u a little late

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Damn, this is awesome fellas!

Wish I had seen this earlier...

Are you planning to release a 2.8" pulley? I'd rather not go down to a 2.7" due to snout clearances becoming an issue. 2.8" is as low as I feel comfortable going.

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thats unfair i call a redo :p

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*sigh* :(:(:(:(

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I would've faired better had I gone to work today because he posted this right about the time I log in over my lunch. I took the day off to wrap gifts. Oh well. At least I wasn't at work.

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XeroState said:
Wow, Blue04RedLine got two...bastard.
He must have put that before then redid it. I just thought I messed up the first email I sent (switched around the order of phone# and address) so for the sake of not letting that screw me over I just redid it and reemailed. lol, I wasn't gonna let it slip by if I could. Thanks Billetflow for the opportunity for something like this. First time I've actually been in the right place at the right time for such a contest. Thanks guys.
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