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BLACK Emblems....I need some.....where?

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I noticed that Saturn Motorsports does have one, but just one. Is it the front or the side emblem they have on there for $10?

Anyhow, I wanted black emblems on both the front and sides. I think someone on here has all black ones. Redlinekid_04 maybe?

Chime in and let me know. I peeled off all the red pin stripe and red logo on the back and blk embs would look slick as **** on my car now.
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Did ya check SPS?

Not yet. I'll do that right now.
They had them for S-Series in black. Not for Ions though.

Will the S-Series emblems fit on the front fenders of our cars? I know the one on the hood is a lot larger so I'd have to get a seperate one for that (if they even make them).
Hmmmm.....I'm thinking of just painting mine since I can't seem to find any anywhere.

I have some aluminum tape that I tried to use to mask and then use an exacto knife to cut out the red parts. It worked GREAT!!! I just need to go buy some paint now. I wonder what type would be best or I wonder if I could get a spray type paint that would even stick well enough to use.
there is a secret to it. Like my silver ones or Jared and Colins black ones. PM barry for a how to.
Why is it a secret??? :confused:

I thought we all came on here to share info with one another. Not to keep secrets. ;)
Its kinda a hard process, it involves vinyls and new emblems. My dad did the rest! So i cant really help ya with that. :(
Well, I just painted mine. I used the aluminum tape, cut out the red parts and masked the surrounding area with newspaper. Didn't even take them off the car.

I used a black rustoleum spray paint specifically for plasitc. Gonna look good I think. I put about three thick coats on each. I'm waiting for it to dry and then I'm gonna peel off the tape and paper.

I'll let you know how it turns out.
Oh man!!!

Turned out awesome!!!!

:D :D :D
jpk please post some pics man, would love to see it
amishland said:
jpk please post some pics man, would love to see it

As soon as possible, I will. It's gonna be raining here most of the weekend.

My wife has been bugging me to take pics of her Mercedes C230 Kompressor for a while so I'll do some updated ones of mine as well.

That would make for a kool "supercharged family" photo with both of them in the same pic too. :D
Took pics today. I'll go get them developed tomorrow and post ASAP.

Also got some good pics the wifey's Mercedes. :D
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