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Blue Smoke

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Good Day, Everyone!

I received a call from a friend to say that he saw a puff of blue smoke come out of the exhaust pipe of my Ion as I left the parking lot :eek: (I did goose it a bit :eek: ). I checked the oil, which reads full, to see if I was burning oil. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have an explanation? :confused:

I'm not due to bring in the vehicle for service for another 8000km (I have 2000km already), other than for the free car washes :), but if it's something that could hurt the engine :( , I'd like to get it looked at ASAP.

Thanks and Best Regards! :)
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It hasn't happened to me. With my limited knowledge it most likely is oil burning off. It doesn't take a lot of oil and it just started happening you oil level could still show as full. I was burning oil in my old 300ZX but I only had to top-off the oil once a month so it can be very slow.

Have you done any changes to it? Any other leaks that you're aware of?

Let someone else take it for a drive where you can watch it and if there is smoke on accelleration and shifting then take it to the dealer.
Are you sure it was blue? I have generated some black smoke from the exhaust when hitting the gas really hard, but that's just carbon and is normal.
It probably was just a little oil being burnt. Though the absolute worse thing it could be was that you didn't have it fully in gear (which you would know as you can feel/hear/know if it is or isn't). I missed 3rd in my old tercel...nottin but a blue cloud behind was actually kinda of funny (i didn't care about the car) as i knew the people behind and their car stunk like a burnt clutch smell for a
Funny this comes up because just Tuesday my son was behind my car and he told me he saw a puff of smoke when I started the car. It had been sitting all day. Never noticed it before or since. :confused:
I thought blue smoke was too much fuel in the mixture (running rich) and black smoke was burning oil.
as long as its not WHITE. nothing like a headgasket.
They Say Some Cars Do That, When I Worked For A Dealership I Would Start Up 60k Navigators And Ls Lincoln And They Puffed Out Smoke, And They Only Had Like 1 or 2 Miles On Them. I Think They Say They Do That For A Reason But I Have No Idea Why.
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