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boost gauge question-

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I talked to my dealership and they told me you cannot put a competion package boost gauge in a 04 due to a different wireing harness.

I asked him about me putting one in myself, and he said it would only void a warranty if it caused something to happen.

and any kind of modification envolves some kind of risk, what do you guys think.

heres the situation, i bought an 04 redline and the extended warranty, i plan on keeping it about 5 years or more, and i want a trouble free, and all problems fixed for free 5 years.

what do you guys think about it, can a boost gauge cause any problems?

some may say, either mod your car or dont, i know i know, but a boost gauge would make me enjoy my car more and i want to see if you guys think its a non warranty voiding and safe mod.

thanks alot!

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If you want a boost gauge, you can get the same autometer gauge they use anywhere, you can pay for the Comp Package 'gauge add-on', and use the normal hook-up for the boost gauge as per the instructions. They don't want you tapping into your factory wiring harness, to get the boost reading from the computer, which is what I assume the factory one is doing. You can do the same thing, and have it look the exact same, with the factory housing, and an aftermarket boost gauge. I'd do it that way warranty or not.
If you're asking about screwing up your car by putting in a boost gauge, hit up the AutoMeter's website and browse through the install instructions for the boost gauges, you'd be pretty hard pressed to hurt anything if you follow the instructions. Hell, you'd have a hard time if you didn't, short of leaving a wire laying around somewhere to get pinched and short out...
hey spooner, what do you personally think would look better, the comp boost gauge

or a regular boost gauge placed in either an air vent, or the cell phone holder space to the left of the wheel.

and what size gauge does the comp package holder need?

thanks alot spooner
ok i just called saturn, its like 237 ish for the comp boost gauge setup, he didnt see the gauge there, but he said it would be and insane price to not include the gauge, and he doesnt see it seperated at all.

if he sold the gauge to the company i work for i could get 20% off so thats like 180

still crazy, but if it comes with the gauge, i guess its ok.

It's only ok if the gauge can be hooked up like a normal aftermarket one, I'm assuming that it comes with the gauge, and the gauge just plugs into the factory wiring harness, which you don't have. You would want only the frame work, not the gauge itself. IF you want that comp package steering wheel cluster. It's expensive because the ladder tach electronics are included with it.

I think the cluster looks good, but costs WAY too much money. I'd just go with an aftermarket gauge, and place it somwhere good. DaytonaGTS had a pic up, with what I believe he said was a newer Mustang 'pod' on it, positioned in the corner of the front window, two holes, looked real good, real clean.
Get a pillar pod for a 1st Gen DSM and go from there. Just head that guy up with a heat gun and mold it to her. I didn't even have to drill for my boost hoses, they fit through the screw hole (the one with the cover on it to take the pillar off).
SilverRedLine04 said:
and what size gauge does the comp package holder need?

thanks alot spooner
2 1/16" gauge
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