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Brand new Redline for sale, not a dealer

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I won a brand new electric blue Redline with a hole in one. I currently own 4 other vehicles, so I need to sell this one to pay my taxes on it! It is loaded and I can send pictures to anyone interested. There are 250 miles on it. The only option that I believe is not on this car is the taller spoiler. I can also send pictures of the sticker with options. My asking price is $15,500 and the 3 year 36000 mile warranty will transfer to any purchaser.

I live in the central Ohio area and welcome anyone to stop by and see it. Just please contact me and we can arrange a time. I like the car, but it doesn't fit in my family as my wife and I are expecting a child.
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damn... i should have waited to buy mine with all these rebates, and now this :rolleyes:

oh well, i love my car!

You're giving it away!!!!

I JUST bought mine last night too.

Oh well. I'm with you Vita. I love my car. :D
Pretty much, but I have to be under dealer rebates and all. I'm in no hurry to sell it, it just sits in the driveway..... The actual miles are 265 not 250, big difference huh?

I have put this on ebay as of post time there are 4 days left, there are also pictures of the car.
Will you finance?

I can give you about $200 a month until it's paid, which would take......let me do the math here......6 1/2 years!!!!

Oh well, If I get a new job I'll be able to get one anyway.
It's sold! I'll tell him of this page so he can chat with all of you Redliners! It was fun to drive.................... the two times I drove it.
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