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I just went up to the Saturn Dealership in Nashua, NH today. I asked to see a Redline. The guy that brought me out there actually sounded a little annoyed, but that was probably because I was honest and said I wouldn't be able to get one for at least a year. As consolation, I told him that it would be likely that if my current car dies, I'd head on up there and look at used three-door coupes.

Anyway, He didn't bring out the keys or anything, just escorted me out there, presumably so I wouldn't bash the window and hotwire it. (Oh, the life of a 19 year old.) The outside was startlingly non-rice. The pictures make it look a lot less plain. I was a little disappointed as that because I was hoping for a somewhat flashy car, but I think that could be remedied by using a spoiler other than the dinky little one. The wheels were also a little less showy than I expected, but I'm a fan of minimalist wheels that show as much of the brakes as possible. The inside looked good enough to have sex with (not in, that might make it dirty, just with), and the seats which I have heard so much about were YUM-tastic. I wasn't sure what to expect with "short throw" shifter, but it looked like a plain old shifter to me, but then again, I just learn my stuff through and HorsePower TV. The center mount console looked a little odd, but something I could definitely get used to, although, I might require a tach in the normal field of vision.

All in all, when next year rolls around, if any of you want to hop on the '05 ION Redline train and sell me yours at a considerable discount, I'd be willing to make a road trip to pick it up. I'll just drop of my 96 Contour at the nearest firestation and write it off on the taxes.
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