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since the 2003 cavalier was offered with an ecotec 2.2, would that fit in the 2000 cavalier as well? i can't imagine they changed much. and if the 2.2 ecotec would fit, wouldn't your redline ecotec fit as well? maybe with some massaging here and there? my friend has a cavalier, and i think that would be bad-assed.
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They first started offering the 2.2 ecotec in the 2002 cavalier LS sport. If u go to there are many people who have put it in a pre-02 cavalier. The idea of putting one in shouldn't be too hard. There just isn't an abundance of them lying around with the ECU's.
i came from a j-body, and the org as well. the only reason that many people have not swapped the eco into pre 02's is because the whole engine harness has to be replaced.
harness, schmarness. i ain't NEVER skeered. lol.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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