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CD player

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Has anyone had their cd player freeze up.
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No one has had any problems with cd players.
I've had my radio change stations by itself, change CD tracks by itself and a couple of times none of the controls would work at all. Not volume or anything.

All of these seemed to be fixed by turning off the ignition and then back on to reset it.
I have had a problem where when it was playing a cd, it would skip the last song on the cd and go to either the next disk or the first song (repeat cd). Haven't figured out how to fix it yet, kinda of annoying (and yes, it happens to both bought and burnt cds)
My Radio just froze up one time, took it to the dealer to have them mess with it. They took the fuse out, waited a few minutes, put it back in and it worked. Go figure :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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