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HI i am new to the forums and well i dont own a redline just a basic stock white saturn ion with no upgrades at all .... livin here in washington there is alot of asian guys around here that fix up little honda civics or neons and focus... well i like to go redlight to redlight with alot of them ... there is not a civic around here that i have race that has beet me yet i did take out two rt neons and a basic neon with exhaust and cold air.... this car has potential i like it alot and i never was able to find a place that like ions also... btw i smoke a svt zx3.. he was manual to... omfg this guy heh here is the story

I was coming back from my daily run at the park. I see his car turning the same way but opposite from me ... so i take a right and i slow down so that he can catch up. we got to the red light... i had my windows down and so did he ... we looked at each othere then we both went on green but then the next light was like 50 yards away turned red.. we got there he roled up his windows i kept mine down... i beat him off the line and stayed a cars length in front of him .... then i looked down i was goin 90 on a 4 lane road .. speed limit was only 35 we both knew that anther light was around the corner and well we slowed down ... then i cut him off cause my turn was coming up.. it was a 1 lane road that went to 2.... so we faced off again and yet again i smoked him again..... everthing looked stock except his exhaust... its was awsome but we parted ways went we seen a cop turn around and turned on his lights GOTTA LOVE THE BACKROADS... n e ways

I also raced a cobra i didnt know it was one ... it was a sleeper... my car hit 2nd gear i looked over and well he waved .. i was like hell no!! I redlined it and well he must of hit 3rd and flew right past me ... i never felt sooo little b4 but it was fun ... :p
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