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So I'm driving along a quiet road just outside Toronto and I look in my mirror and see a beautiful silver CLK500 convertible (do they come in another colour) racing to cath up. There's 4 guys in the car checking out my RL. The driver turns to me and says
him - "that's a really nice car. What is it?"
me - I simply tell him "it's a Redline"
him - "What?"
me - "It's an ION Redline"
him - "What's that"

I didn't want to keep doing this at 140kph so I sped up a little and went my way.
They kept up with me and I could tell that they were not only checking out the car but all 4 of them were trying to figure out the badge logo (poor sheltered rich boys don't know what a Saturn is).
So anyway I pull into a coffee shop and they pull in behind me. He parks near me, comes up to me and asks again what the car is. I tell him it's a Saturn ION Redline. He's still clueless. He says he really likes it and I tell him that for what he paid for his SLK500 he could buy 4 RLs... one for each of them.
Then he tells me it's not his car it's his father's.
He then asks me if I want to race. I said "no thanks" knowing his car is a good performer and has 300hp.
Well this morning I learn that yes it has 300hp but also weighs 4000lbs and does 0-60 in 6.2. Plus an extra 600lbs of people.

Damn I should have raced him. Next time win or lose I say yes.
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