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Cobalt and Redline Commercials

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Anyone see the new Cobalt Commercials? They are always bragging about performance and comparing it to a Corvette.

I have only seen 2 Redline Commercials ever, but none in the past 3 months or so. And the 2 I did see were extremely vauge on the RL's performance potential. The first one was where there were things falling out of the apartment, and talking about how its dent resistant. The second one was some guy skateboarding, and he stops and stares at the RL... I still dont get that one.

If Saturn really tried, they could make some really good commercials and do a LOT better advertising for the RL. The Cobalt isnt even out yet and I've already seen about 5 different performance type commercials for it. I mean, when you go to the saturn website and look up Redline, they have big bold letters of the specs.. 205hp, supercharged, 17s, recaros, etc. The only reason I'm comparing it to the Cobalt is because they are basically the same car underneath the shell.

I'd really like to know who does the advertising at Saturn. Its not just the RL. Every saturn commercial begins like one of those dating websites... or they talk about how they were pregnant, or something else we dont need to know or care about in their life... and then say... "Thats why I bought a Saturn"... seriously... wtf :confused:

*Edit* I do remember seeing one other RL commercial, where the guy couldnt decide between that one and the Vue RL. They could have still done better then that.

I could make home videos better then what Saturn pulls out of their ass :rolleyes:
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The reason saturn doesn't make performance based commercials is simple. Saturn isn't a performance based company. The Redline's are their first shot at a "true" performance car. Everything else is economical and geared towards younger familes. ( not as high income )
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