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Cobalt Ram Air Hood

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Just came across what I thought was a nice looking hood for the cobalt SS -

click me

I was going to ask if it would fit after looking for a while I realized it wouldn't....(stupid question removed).
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hummm.... the cobalt looks like a reworked honda, and the hood looks like a SRT-4.... still dont like it.
imho that looks nothing like an SRT-4

and that hood would do nothing bu tcold air against the exhaust side of the engine
still looks like a civic to me
goofyguy said:
still looks like a civic to me
my opinion exactly
i wonder if that 3 piece spoiler will fit on an ion. i really like that alot. its exactly what ive been looking for.
o i deff think that car looks like a civic always have but that hood does not look anything like the srt4
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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