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Cobalt&Redline spoilers

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Redline guys, Do not buy a cobalt spoiler.I got one in today and pulled my factory small spoiler off.They are very different.You can make them work.So I am going to sell both of mine if you know anyone that would want either one of mine.Pm me.
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I knew it, just wanted to be sure. Thanks for the notice.:)
i got rid of mine all together. None zip zilch nada
I know I mentioned they were different somewhere. Sorry you figured it out the hard way. What was so different. Holes not line up?
Aww man that sucks. I have a cobalt spoiler comin in a couple of weeks. What is so different?
If you see the pictures of the Cobalt's Spoler VS Redline it looks slightly different. I dont think they match up is my guess. That sucks man when is the spoiler sposed to be there.
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