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So I confess, my car is an 00 GTI VR6, Im trying to buy one of our leftover Redline 04's in Silver. I wanted a black one, but all we have is a bunch of silver ones left. What do you guys think?
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Admitting is the first step, not the healing can begin...

No really, there's nothing wrong with your V-dub, they're nice cars. I'd still get the Redline though. If you work there, screw it, get a brand new '05 with the comp package when it's ready, and there ya go! You'll get an amazing deal, I'm sure!
Im too backward in my previous cars for an 05, Id be paying 15686 for a RL that stickers at 21190!!!! :) :D :D :eek: :eek: (employee with rebates)
Ummmmm, Huh? Do you mean you be paying that much over the sticker? Is that how upside down you are on your current car?
No I pay 5504 under sticker, but yeah im like 4k upside down
If my math is still up-to-date then 5504-4000 under sticker. Sounds like a deal to me.

BTW...where at in central PA do you live?
Partsspec said:
No I pay 5504 under sticker, but yeah im like 4k upside down
How did you get 4K upside down on a 5 year old car? I assume you did not buy it new.
Add on an 00 Powerstroke, and a 97 Eclipse GST in the last 6 months and you'll get the answer.....
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