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One thing we need to keep in mind with this car is that we need to keep it cool. remember when there was a rumor of GM not giving us mesh grilles like the VUE because of heating issues?

well, for when the real modding begins, i was wondering if anyone knew how we can arrange for someone to make an apparatus for making the fan kick on at lower temps, say 200 instead of 250. that would be nice, also, in the spring/summer, i plan to get a 160degree thermostat since by then i should have full I/H/E running, and possibly an SAFC2 running as well.

there are a few other things that a friend with a GTP mentioned he was going to do, but maybe we can elaborate on these things here for people that may not find there way into the GTP realm, as there is already a lot of pertinent info on some of their forums and places like ZZPerformance.

so what else can we/should we do/consider?

post away!
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