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Cooling Rod alignment - Intake Manifold

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I just joined the forum today, so forgive me if this has been covered here before. We are doing a stock engine rebuild on a 2005 Saturn Ion Redline 2.0 Supercharged.

I have the intake manifold apart to install new gaskets and 0-rings, but I'm not clear on the alignment for the Cooling Rods when installing them back into the manifold. Everything I've found says to lineup the two wider slots in the cooling rods with the two "slot holes" in the manifold. My confusion is that the slot holes are not 180* from one another, but the cooling rod slots are. How do I properly align these?
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Bump. Anyone have any idea on this?
Pictures attached from doing my dual pass a few years ago before disassembly, you can see the notches lining up as well as a clear difference in the width of the notches in the laminova cores. Hopefully this helps.


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