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I had originally placed this post in the General Discussion area, but I believe it would probably be a better fit here. The moderators can delete whichever one they feel is necessary.

Car in question: 2006 Ion Redline, 120,000 miles, manual transmission, 100% original, no warning lights.

Ok folks, I know there are many threads about the faulty cruise control on our cars. I looked at a bunch of threads, and even went to the regular Saturn forums. initial problem started about 6 months ago. I replaced the Set Cruise button and it worked perfectly. CC stop working again, and now I've replaced the On/Off button, the Set/Cruise button a second time, as well as the clutch pedal button.

The odd thing about the clutch button is that the threading was different, so the blue piece wouldn't screw in to hold it in place. What i did was I held down the button with duct tape, plugged it in, and let it dangle. Still no luck. I tested it this way because of a test I made on another manual GM car with success.

The only things left to check are the clock spring, brake button, and an ECU flash. I think I can rule out the clock spring because everything else on the car is functioning properly. And I think I can rule out the brake button since the brake lights aren't on when the car is running but the pedal isn't pressed. I don't think it could be the ECU since, like I mentioned earlier, everything is working properly.

I scanned the car with an OBDII scanner and didn't see anything come up.

I'm losing my mind over this. Ill try about anything.

Thank you in advance!
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