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Since i have never seen a post about the VUE RL i will have to do my part. I know this is stupid but im proud of this thing. My friend has a 01' f-150 with the 5.4L triton/4spd auto. This thing is pretty big for its size. We were comparing things up.
f-150---260hp He took it to the track to see what it would run for fun and
350tq he spins first but still manages to put down 10.1's
4000lbs Not bad for a pickup with good year wranglers.

Now when my eclipse was stock and running crapy his truck actually gave me a hard time on a roll. After he rode in the vue he wanted to be honest and
said its a nice suv and rides nice but, and i quote, you gona lose. So after work it was on.
Well from a 30 roll his truck kicked down before mine and got a little head start, we stay side by side for awhile until the ole vue started ease on by him, the first roll was up to 70. The second was a 60stomp. Again he still gets that quick kick down but here i am slowly pulling him a little harder on top end. Its deff. has more topend. The only thing i wish this thing didn't do is pause before every gear. Other than that i had fun. 1 win for the home team.
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