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Did anyone else experience this? Please Read

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My 05 has been pulling to the left since I picked it up last week, very noticeable at speeds above 55-60. I had at the dealership yesterday, they did a front wheel alignment, still pulled. Then they swapped wheels/tires from another RL they had on the lot, still pulls.
Did anyone else experience this when the car was brand new? thx, Brad
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Did not have the problem. Does this happen on all roads (couple streets in my neigborhood have a crown that makes it seem like the car wants to pull left, but it's the tilt of the pavement).

Have them put it back on the rack and see if a left side tire drags due to brakes not completely releasing... maybe even have someone in the card to apply, then release brakes.
I kinda experienced it but mine is to the right and that is from take off and shifting to red line. When I run my rpm's high I almost always drift right but never when just driving. I had a Mitsu dealer drive my car after he tried to sell me a used Mazda RX-8 (which does not have the torque my RL has) and almost put my baby in a ditch. Needless to say he said I have a nice car after his test drive and we parted. Sorry rambling, but yes but the opposite way.
What your experiencing is called torque steering, caused by unequal torque to the drive wheels when your're hammering your RL. Mine is a drift at interstate crusing speeds.
BeRad said:
What your experiencing is called torque steering, caused by unequal torque to the drive wheels when your're hammering your RL. Mine is a drift at interstate crusing speeds.
Are your tires on the right direction? Some people reported that dealers had their tires backward after doing service. How about tire pressure? We had a discussion about this before, and as a result I checked my tire pressure and found the front right about 4 lbs over the front left. I didn't think it was drifting, but once I evened it back out it was better. Didn't take just a TINY slope of the road to make it drift anymore.
the tires are on the right direction and all tires are 32 psi, I checked all that of course before I even called the dealership, I'm a old hot rodder dude, this is something that's not evident, like maybe a axle/axle bearing issue or a suspension issue, strut torque, strut postion, etc.............. the dealership is going to get the Technical Support Engineers involved, they'll figure it out hopefully or they'll be giving me another new silver RL with the same exact options. :)
I noticed that too and I wasn't sure if it was the road or not. Had a lot of snow since I got it so it hasn't left the house much. Keep us posted, then I will go to the dealer....he he.
Had another 04 RL in here twice for the same Issue. We just keep aligning it.. keep you posted.

I have the same thing happen on my 04, I took it in and they said they adjusted the alignment. It seems a little better but is still evident, can't totally tell though because it's been cold so I haven't gotten to go out driving for fun really yet. me hate cold
I had this problem when I bought my `04. They did an align on it (toe was slightly out). On perfectly flat roads, the car slowly drifts to the left still, which is well within standards, but once the road banks or there are sag marks in the road (from over usage and not being repaired..stupid weather only allows 3-months for road repairs), my car will pull to which ever direction the road leads it. This is caused by the P215 tire a degree. If you have had it aligned and it pulls on a flat road, I honestly can't tell you whats wrong but I'd thought I would just share my story.
Car that i mentioned above is in for the third time. Ill let you guys know what happens.
Same problem......Caused by a twisted carrier in the rear. Course that might have had somthing to due with my wife putting it into a field on the side of the road. And then ran along so barb wire!!! But you really should just get the tape measure out and measure the distance between the fronts and rears of the front and rear sets of tires. Should be the exact same on the same set (RR and LR, RF and LF)
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