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Drivetrain noise

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When im idling through my apartment complex and everything is really quiet, And i go from 1st to 2nd at low speed.. as soon as the clutch starts to engauge i hear a ahem.. "clap clap... zzzz..." Basicly i can hear the driveline engauge like an old u joint on a pickup truck. (what i used to drive) Its not extremly loud but was wonding if its ok or is it a sign that i have worn out somthing.

Also i hear the same thing when i go from neutral to first with the clutch in when im at a light. I am new to a manual tranny and any little sound concerns me. Anybody else get this?
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yeah brought mine in for this and they checked everything (i know my dealer really well) they said this noise was normal from what i understand they though it was to be fixed with the newer version of the car but mine was made just atthe end of april and still does this.
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