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drove an SRT-4 the other day

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on sunday i had gone out to Chryslers pride in product at the silverdome. I went with the brother in law and a few other chrysler fanatics. anyway. you got yo drive all the new srt models coming out in the near future. so i chose the srt4 to see how it compared to our redlines. even though i don't want to say it...but i was pretty impressed how it handled on the autocross course they had set up. i noticed that it also has a little bit of a wheel hop problem. hopefully i will be able to tak emy car to the track soon and see how it performs.
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Haha, I went to that last year, but I was bummed @ the selection; it was PT convertible, Magnum or 300C - I WANTED to drive the SRT. Drove the Magnum with some tiny foreign sexist cheauvenist. Not to mention it was cold. Bla; Chrysler products are kinda bland, IMHO
Hey urbanmonkey I like your sig, very nice in B/W.
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