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I blew out 3 tob's because my carpet was worn and the additional travel was overloading the system. I had a custom pedal stop installed and it completely resolved the issue. Hard to diagnose on the internet but it does sound similar to my issue. No problems around town but after sitting overnight or cruising on the highway, I had to pump the pedal to pressurize the system.

Koni's are sweet but unnecessary expense if you're not going to drive competitively.

Good luck with your issue. Took me almost 6 months to finally chase down mine.
around town it isn't an issue really, there's a tiny delay every now and then. and by tiny, I mean it doesn't glide in to the next gear like it should, but takes a little extra (less than .5 sec) time to fall in. I'll be inspecting my pedal in the near future. that's the only thing I haven't checked out yet.

I feel ya on the trans swaps. My brother-in-law and I got disassembly and reassembly (back on the road) to under 5 hours, keep in mind he ha[d] about as much mechanical experience as most women. in may of 2013 we dropped my trans probably twelve times. we did have the problem solved each time, but it kept recurring. Then it was fine for about a year, and now it's doing it again... fml.

as for the konis, I actually made money by doing that swap. lol using store credit from zzp ($500) I had to pay $60 to cover the remaining cost of the konis, then $40 for shipping. when I returned my LT warranty parts to oriellys, they gave me back $430.08. It was a swap I was glad to do. :alfdance:
421 - 421 of 421 Posts