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Black 05 Ion Redline - Stage 3 - Lansing,MI

This is not going to be the official for sale post but want to offer the opportunity for the Redline Forum community to be able to scoop up this car for a better deal than in the future. This isn't going to list everything done to the car but will give the more important work. Great car, runs good, just picked up a Pontiac g6 from a buddy very cheap and am switching cars after 6 years. Its a fun car that has only been used mainly on highway since I'm 23 and in college. PICTURES COMING SOON, EMAIL: [email protected]

-ENGINE: Less than 10,000 miles, New ZZP lightweight motor
-CLUTCH: Less than 15,000 miles

-MILES: 125,000
-2 tires less than 4k miles, 2 tires with less than 10k
-Fresh rear brakes, "Healthy" front (mechanic)
-Front and Rear Suspension (>10k)
-Newer speakers & aftermarket radio
-AeroForce gauge and A-pillar cluster
-Muffler Delete w/ aftermarket 3" exhaust
-Tinted Rear Windows
-Comes with 2 spoilers. Ones dinged up (low profile) other is in great condition (stock spoiler)
-Installed new shift boot yesterday

ZZP Stage 3 ~ 260-270 hp
-Smaller Pulley , believe 2.7
-BRAND NEW (~8000 miles) ZZP aftermarket lighterweight engine w/ forged internals
-60# injectors
-Fresh ZZP tune with motor
-New Clutch (~15,000 miles ago)
-ZZP Heat exchanger, with another brand new one shipped to me by accident that will come with car
-Supercharger Oil got changed at 110k

What I'm Still fixing up:
-O2 sensor
-Dirty rims need polished
-Low profile spoiler ripped off trunk when pushing the car, 3M tape took some paint with it. Currently plastidipped to protect metal
-Inside needs shampooed
-Trunk Floor collapsed in. Still usable just a little uneven.
-One door ding in driver door

Let me know if you or anybody else is interested! -John

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What "lightweight" engine does zzp offer exactly? And do you have the receipts? At $3500 obo you must be losing your as* on that one if zzp just recently put in a new engine for you.

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Its the ZZP LSJ Short Block engine. Yes I have receipts for it and all service records on the car. I'm listing the car at this price currently because it is not in great selling condition, still needs some stuff cleaned up. The car runs great though and anyone with a few days of free time could get this car looking and running perfect. I love the car but I've had it for around 5 years and am a bit upside down in it right now.
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