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Just minding my own business in the middle lane of the highway doing about 60 and I get ricer fly by'd from a neon green Z24 with a 4 deck spoiler and coffee can muffler, he flies by and then gets in front of me waiting for me to take the bait.....I pace him for a little while then drop it down and fly right next to him, he refuses to look over so I drop it into 3rd and I heard him drop down as well, he was in the rear view mighty damn quick.....I slow down and wait for him to get back on the side of me, he stays back for a while and eventually comes up on me, again he refuses to look over but drops it down and "takes off"...I let him get about 4-5 lengths on me then dropped down and blew by him with a thumbs down out the window....Damn I love how you can just let people think they are fast and then destroy them with this car!! :D
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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