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full boost

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The boost control solenoid control circuit shorted to ground, boost control solenoid valve stuck closed or a restriction in the boost source or signal hoses will cause full boost to be commanded at all times and a possible overboost condition during high engine load situations.

i read this at work one day haven't tried it yet. gotta get a boost gauge to confirm that this is a true statement or not and to see how high the boost goes. anybody with a boost gauge wanna try and let us now that would be great. i tried viewing the psi with a tech 2 but i wasn't getting an accurate reading.
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I'm under the impression that's what were arguing about. I thought the boost was bled off due to a signal, generated by the solenoid that people are unhooking? So if you're unhooking the signal to bleed pressure, then the car isn't going to bleed to pressure since it thinks there isn't any reason. Right?

I can't dispute your numbers, but my understanding of the systems controls are above.

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