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here ya goes. Heat + Time = Nice


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Lookin Good
looks good. Who makes those gauges? I see you got one with boost and one voltmeter. Nice choice.
thye suck real bad. They look nice but the boost gauge is sticky for a better choice of words. Im changing out for autometers real damn soon. Just eye candy for now.
Super Cool!
Would you be interested in making me one????

What style vehicle are those pillar pods for? I was thinking of setting up some guages there as well.
Looks awesome!

I'd love to get one of those for the old A-pillar just so I could mount a fully functional tach and a boost gauge.
im going to get a auotmeter boost gauge and mini tach. And they are the 1st gen eclipse/talon ones. Took about hour to mold and run all the gauges.
how do you screw the a pillar back on considering that the pod is covering that one screw that holds it on??
well its not easy but you have to be flexible. attach the pod with gauges installed. Now remove the pod. Leave the gauges in it. Now screw in the pillar then re-attach the pod.
did you use rivits?? seems like it would be hard to remove after those
nope screws. Those plastic rivets suck no way Id use those.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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