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gearing ratios + engine redline rpm + wheel size = speed at red line in that gear

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is it possible to do this calculation? i'm just curious. i know my sister's sl1 from 95 will get near redline in first gear at like 20mph.

my automatic contour is 35, 65, 85~95, and i haven't hit a max speed in 4th.

i have no tach, so i'm really just going by the highest speed i've ever gone in any given gear. third is a little shady. it usually down shifts by 85, but i was going uphill on 495 today and at around 95 it up shifted.

maybe i got up and down backwards...

anyway, is this as simple as engine rpm / gearing ratio * circumference of tire? maybe i'm not factoring the gearing ratio properly. but anyway. i really have no idea how this will be of use to me, since i will probably be buying an 06 redline :( or a used 05 if they don't make an 06, or a "year old" model in 05, if i can still get one that is. Damn money. my current car only has a $1500 trade-in value. but I could easily stockpile $10k by jan 05. which would be a hefty down payment. as configured (based on ION prices and estimated $20k base for redline) the configuration i want will run about $25000. but it really depends on what the redline has stock that the ION's don't. I know i won't be spending $700 for a spoiler for the redline, since i assume it will have one stock. and does anyone here have onstar? it seems like a usefull thing with the theft tracking and remote reading of the check engine codes and whatnot. i'm wondering if it's worth the rather expensive upgrade.
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not sure abour the redline but in my twin cam s-series saturn 1st=35; 2nd=55; 3rd=78; 4th=110; 5th=about 150, fuel cut at 124

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