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Ok I had some very strange kills this weekend. Makes me wonder if Viagra is too readily available to our senior citizens.

First one, this 03 I believe Cadillac DeVille was in front of me taking its sweet old time merging onto the freeway. Yes I was riding his tail but when you are attempting to merge onto the freeway going 25 MPH having someone ride your ass shouldn't be unexpected. As we get onto the area where you can merge, I notice this real thick puff of black smoke coming from his exhaust(apparently the Caddy owner was trying to prove a point in his big land-yacht) at this time I was already into 2nd gear waiting to make a merge/pass. At about 50 MPH I figured this Caddy owner was surprised that my "little Saturn" was passing him and squashing his attempt at "traffic humor".

The second one was also an "elder" person's car. What appeared to be about a 04 Crown Vic. I was sitting at a light on a 2 lane road (turns into 1 lane about 80 feet after the light) when I saw this Crown Vic try to creep up next to me so he could try to pull ahead of me once the light turned green. As soon as it turned green, it was no contest. He was already rolling forward before the light turned green, I steadily let up on the clutch and down on the accelerator. 1st shift I heard minimal tire screeching but hooked up rather quickly. By 2nd gear at around 45 MPH I was a good 2 car lengths ahead of him and watched him merge behind me. I tell you there is nothing like having a more expensive, more powerful car pull up beside you thinking he's going to own you. Tis good to be the sleeper :D
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JPK said:
Picking on old people, man?!?!?!?! :confused:

Surely you could have found a ricer kid nearby instead. ;)

:D :p

Sure you could've found a ricer kid, but nothings better than crashing the hopes of people who want to pass a "whimpy Saturn"

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