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ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. - Release of the second- generation GM Sport Compact Performance Build Book was announced today by GM Racing at the SEMA International Auto Salon (IAS) in Atlantic City.

The new handbook details the various parts and procedures used to prepare Ecotec race engines used by GM Racing in professional sport compact drag racing, as well as engine, transmission and chassis modifications designed for independent, sportsman-level drag racers and road racers.

"Our new Sport Compact Build Book offers a significant expansion of the previous handbook with more details on not only engine modifications for every performance level, but also tips on how to prepare your overall vehicle for sportsman racing," said Carmen Smith, program manager for GM sport compact drag racing. "Like a true racing cookbook, this book will allow someone with a good shop, some powertrain and chassis knowledge, and build experience, to develop their own Ecotec-powered race car."

GM Racing has established Ecotec's impressive performance credentials on the race track. Race-prepared turbocharged engines continue to set numerous quarter mile and top-speed records in NHRA and NOPI drag racing competition and on the Bonneville Salt Flats. Ecotec engines powered the first Hot Rod into the 7-second range and propelled the first front-wheel-drive vehicle to break the 200 mph barrier in quarter-mile drag racing.

Expanded technical information including build up directions on the race- prepared 4T65 Hydra-matic transmission and the sportsman-level Chevy Cobalt Phase5 chassis are detailed in the new build book. An in-depth parts list with complete information on where to get parts, including aftermarket retailers, is also included.

Not since the debut of the GM small block V-8 50 years ago has an engine created such excitement in the performance community. The inline four- cylinder Ecotec engine is quickly becoming the next big thing from GM in high- horsepower competition applications, high-performance specialty vehicles and high-volume production cars.

On the production vehicle side, the Ecotec architecture offers tremendous versatility. Introduced in 2000 as GM's first truly global powerplant, the engine powers 16 vehicles worldwide, including Saturn, Pontiac, Chevrolet, Saab, Opel and Vauxhall models.

General Motors continues to rev up its commitment to meet customers' desires for increased personalization by bringing a variety of exciting new production and concept vehicles to market. In addition, GM and its many aftermarket tuner partners are offering more components and accessories than ever before for the sport compact enthusiast.

A new website destination -- -- has been launched to showcase what GM is doing and making available in the sport compact and customization world.

Hopefully they will have a long list of performance parts on the site soon.

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Where do you download this build book from? I"d like to take a peek at it.
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