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Hello, fellow RedLine owners and enthusiasts. I just joined the club. Picked up my black 04 RedLine two days ago. That day was the culmination of about a year of dreaming and scheming (the scheming was on how I'd talk my wife into letting me buy the car). I've followed the news on this car since I first read about it in HCI magazine last summer. Don't know exactly what it was that captured me... maybe the fact that GM finally came back with a performance four-banger after stuffing the quad4. Whatever it was, I must say the car doesn't disappoint (at that price how could it - bought it for just over $16k after taxes - it's great to be a GM brat!!). Anyway, after I rolled my twerpy little Kia Spectra (don't laugh - I was on a budget), I managed to convince my wife that the RedLine was the best thing for us. Now all I have to do is keep a leash on my enthusiasm and wait out the warranty - after that it's mod time! Well, I'll drop in again sometime. Enjoy your cars, guys (and gals if there are any)!
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another black one ;)

did you get the bigger wing and sunroof as well?
Naw, the only option on mine was floormats. Believe it or not, that's actually the way I wanted it. Never liked sunroofs (I don't really like light), and the big wing is too dramatic for my personality. I'm an understated sort. I originally wanted a silver one, but hey... black is just bad-ass!
Congrats on the new ride. I got my Silver RL 2 weeks ago and I love it.
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